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Bad Peterstal-Griesbach is a well-known spa and holiday destination nestled in the Black Forest. Below are just a few of the many features which makes our village so great.


Mineralwasser Flasche

Water: a Black Forest speciality
The Black Forest is an area rich in precipitation, allowing an abundance of water to discharge through streams, rivers, lakes and moors. Due to the densely populated trees in the area, the water goes through a natural filtration process, ensuring its purity.
The water contains many essential minerals and undergoes constant quality checks. Many well known waters are sourced from our region, including: Griesbach Mineralquellen, Schwarzwald Sprudel and Peterstaler Mineralquellen. Each brand of water has its own unique taste depending on the type of rock it passes through.



Wine from the Baden Region
Where the Renchtal Valley passes into the into the northern part of the Black Forest lies the historic town of Oberkirch, known for its viticulture. Winemaking is an integral part of the culture in the Oberkirch region, with mentions of its viticulture from as early as the 11th Century.
Oberkirch is part of the Baden Region, a region renowned for its viticulture. The Baden Region is the warmest winemaking region in Germany as the particularly mild climate favours the production of high-quality wines. The wines produced in this region are prominent both regionally and internationally.
Our village is situated in the Baden Region and wine-growing towns such as Oberkirch and Ortenau are only a short drive away.



An abundance of fruit
Wine is not the only attraction of the Baden region. Fresh fruits and schnapps are also reasons to visit! The rich minerals, fresh air quality and exposure to the sun allows for a diverse range of fruits to thrive in this region, and fruit farming is an integral cultural practice.
The world famous “Schwarzwälder Kirschwasser" originates from our region and its production is highly regulated by law to ensure the highest quality schnapps. The cherries used in production must originate from the Black Forest and this schnapps forms an integral ingredient in our home made Black Forest cake, always served fresh here at Hotel Kimmig.